The Urban Transport Revolution.

60% faster on the last mile

90% more energy efficient

30% more productive


Shorter routes and quicker during peak hour


more efficient

No longer need to circle for a spot to park


save time

No driver’s licence required


more staffing options

Riders are healthier and happier


more productivity

Better for the environment than a van/car


less pollution

Shows your business values the planet


more customers

Cargo Bike Categories

While cars usually can load less than half of their own weight, a cargo bike can carry at least three times its own weight.

Use Cases

Post & Parcel

Move your post & parcel from a hub or your store to the consumer. Fast delivery, happy customers.

Field & Facility Services

Buildings, installations and vehicles need service. A cargo bike reaches service locations fast and flexible enabling premium maintenance and troubleshooting.

Food & Provisions

Deliver products quickly and directly from your restaurant, supermarket or specialty store directly to customers. Build your customer relationships and deliver with the electric cargo bike.

Medical & Personal Services

Provide a better service by utilizing the speed and efficiency of the electric cargo bike. Visit patients at home, carry specialist equipment or distribute medicine.